photo by colors52

photo by colors52

My name is S. Jayaraman I live in Bangalore,India.I am a retired management professional and believe that a man cannot retire from his experience. I am  trying to catch up some professional shape to my photographic skills. I choose to snap pictures under the category ” mind over matter”. Pictures appearing in this blog are snapped by me. I am a private person looking for fresh ideas and approach  to develop good photography. Information content and pictures posted on this blog should not be used or reproduced for commercial purpose . Information and pictures  sourced  from this blog with prior request should carry proper acknowledgement and due credit . Thank you for  ferrying in to my blog.PS_20150114210723 Feel free to browse.Click and comment at will.   You are welcome to visit my other blog: http://www.stockresearch52.wordpress.com (The World Clock – Current times around the world)

photo by colors52

photo by colors52


98 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for your visit. I hope to get back to look at more of your photos.
    I am mostly a poet and I think your photos could be very inspirational 🙂
    Best to you on your retirement and success in your photography!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Jayaraman. I looked at the first few of your pictures, and I guessed that you were a fellow Southern California photographer! I was soooo wrong! But it seems that the plants in my neighborhood are much like those in your neighborhood, yes?

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. Photography has become a new passion of mine. I am close to retirement age and not working so I am in training for that time. I enjoyed the few shots I saw on here and will check out more. I will follow your journey.

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  5. Hello colors52, Thanks for the courage you discuss in your writings, I feel the same way about many things you speak of and your work is Excellent. I just met a person at the local library yesterday, who said to me, “I hear with my eyes, and I thank you for displaying your paintings.” She is a sweet elderly woman, who had the gentlest eyes I have seen in awhile. I’ll have to admit her kindness and gentleness was a surprise. The simplicity of her wisdom in what she discussed with me reminds me of how your writings are and their message. Keep up the great work colors52 greg

      • Yes, I too and like wise, we are about the same age, I feel the importance as you to recognize and share what I see and learn its many values from those who see Nature as a means and understanding to the beautiful experience it provide and Nature’s inherent ability to teach us of the constant growth of its beauty that surrounds us, So ,,, in effect colors52 that is part of what i see in your captureing the dynamism of nature as it appears, your honest in seeing this is a great way to “be”. Thinking good thoughts for your continued success in “being” and “seeing”,,, “That’s the Spirit” regards greg

  6. Nice blog here you got sir, and some pictures are really interesting. I’d suggest to try different angles to every picture you take, it might add another perspective. 🙂

  7. Your photographs are absolutely stunningly beautiful! I love them especially because they are of nature, have lovely colors and do, indeed, reflect and create moods. Thanks for liking my blog post this morning and it is very nice to meet you. I’m following your blog now so I can see all of the lovely photos you post here. God bless you.

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